Terms of Contract


Conignment Details

I, the consignor, herby agree to consign items to Fashion Cents Inc, for a period of 90 days. A processing one-time fee of $5.00 is due for first time consigners. This fee will be taken out of  your first sale.

If the items are sold within the 90-day period, I agree to receive 40% cash (minus fees) of the purchase price for the merchandise. If I would like to receive store credit for the items sold,  then I agree to receive 45% (minus fees) of the purchase price for the merchandise. Fashion Cents, Inc. reserves the right at any time because of overstocking or market conditions to randomly adjust selling prices. After 90 days, unsold merchandise will become  the property of Fashion Cents, Inc. Items may be donated or remain on the floor at a discounted price.

I hereby warrant that I have complete ownership of the merchandise consigned and understand that Fashion Cents, Inc. assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to merchandise by fire, theft,  accident or any other cause.

*** We base prices on supply and demand. We will get the best price possible for you. 

Stop in anytime to use the money in your account for store credit. If you would like your earnings in a cash payout you may get that after the 90 days. We will hold your money for 6 months after  your contract ends at which time it can be used for store credit only. 

Any unsold items you want returned will need to be picked up within one month. No reminder phone calls will be given. Items not picked up in that time frame become  store property. If you choose to have your items pulled for return at the end of your 90 day contract there will be a fee of .50 cents per item not to exceed 10 dollars.

Details about Consignment Items 

  • Only current styles please. All items must be 3 years or newer.
  • No hangers or trash bags please. (totes or reusable shopping bags are preferred)
  • Only 25 -35 items at a time. Home décor and designer purses. Only one drop off per week.