This is our first and York County’s ONLY upscale women’s fashion consignment event!! Fashion Forward is CASH ONLY local event for women and teen girls to consign AND shop gently used clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, and any other fashion accessories. As a consignor you earn 60% of the price you set and have the opportunity to earn up to 75% if you volunteer during the event. Taking part with our seasonal sales is a great way to make fast and easy CASH on your unwanted items. The highlight of this event is once your unwanted items are out of the house you never have to take them back! How great is that?!? We give the amazing option to assign your unsold items to our year-round retail store so you can keep earing money on them.

– We do ALL the setup, tear down, advertisement, sell all your times while you’re away and make you FAST CASH!
– No dealing with the hassle of having a yard sale.
– We offer BOTH options.
– We check everything, which means you will get the best quality with the best deals!

CONSIGNORS – registration fees are non-transferable or transferable!
– As A consignor you will earn 60% of the price you set and have the opportunity to earn up to 75% if you volunteer during the sale.
– You get to get to shop the pre-sale for FREE.
– Your only responsibilities are pricing, tagging, and hanging, WE DO ALL THE REST!
– We give the option for us to price and tag your items at the shop for a .10 fee per item and commission will be 40% cash of 50% store credit.
– You decide if you want your items reduced to ½ price the last 4 hours.
– You determine if your unsold items to be moved to our year-round store, donated or returned to you.

– MUST be on hangers.
– Items have to be picked up last day or they become donated!
– Everything needs to be clean, no stains, missing buttons/snaps, broken or warped zippers, no fading, pet hair, smoke or any other odor!
– Must be current with today’s style and in excellent condition.
– NO underwear, bras, scrubs, prom or wedding attire.
*** TIP: Tie a ribbon, piece of colored tape or string on the neck of the hanger, this will help you find any of your unsold items at pick up ***

– First come first serve basis
– FREE entry to pre-sale

– Fashion Forward is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or broken items, and is not liable for any injuries!
*Thursday – check-in (by apt only), pre-sale ($5)
*Friday – free admission 8am-7pm
*Saturday – free admission 8am-2pm